Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ten Apples Up On...

I hope that you knew the next word would be Top!

September, in teacher-land, always involves apples. And Johnny Appleseed. And making applesauce.
I am thrilled to report that I went apple picking, for real, for the first time in 30+ years, and it was just as fabulous as I remembered it!

The little painted signs indicating what kind of apple tree it was. The boxes with bees humming around in them. The squishy apples on the ground. The happy people riding past, getting a lift around the orchard from a tractor.

The apple bag getting heavier. And heavier. But you know apples don't last forever, so, feeling greedy, you keep shoving more in your bag. Sigh.

When I visited my neighbor yesterday afternoon, she had already made one apple pie and some homemade applesauce. Her home smelled like heaven.

Sadly, many children have never had the experience of visiting an apple orchard. Thanks to their teachers, they get to experience a bit of it by involving an apple study in science, making an apple-y treat in the classroom, doing some apple art, apple math, and a biographical study of Johnny Appleseed in language arts. There are so many things you can do! My apple board can be found here on Pinterest: already know that the important part is.....the apple book list!

The orchard!!!

The colors and the varieties of apples!
The facts and folklore of apples!
The apple in the fairy tale (Snow White, anyone?)
Do I hear Apple Core, Common Core?

Happy Apple-ing!

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  1. wellsbrenda2 Looking forward to some good recipes. Love the blogs!!

  2. Thanks Brenda! They are coming your way!

  3. I Love apple season! The list of books was very helpful so teachers don;t have to go looking for books this time of year. Apples were one of my favorite fun themes when I was teaching! Plus I knew the word "top" came next!

  4. Thank you Gina! You always know what the next word is going to be! Always!