Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 21!

Space Case by Edward Marshall

Every kid in the room loves reading anything illustrated by James 
Marshall. His artwork is nothing short of hilarious. The plot in this story is great, too.

A "thing" from outer space decides to visit Earth on what turns out to be Halloween night. He (the thing) is not noticed as he clomps around with the other trick or treaters. The next day he goes to school with Buddy, the boy who somehow forgot to do his science project. Now the "thing" is mistaken for a robot. (There is more!)

Teachers, this is a Reading Rainbow Book, so you know it's good!

Time to address the Common Core:
Writing The story begins with the phrase 
                   It came from outer space...
Write the phrase on the white board and have the students finish with an idea of their own. Then they should illustrate it.
 Words from the story to define together:
natives    folks      appeared      noticed     origin
atomized        peculiar-looking specimens
un  means  "not"    What do these words from the story mean?   uncooperative    unquestionably 
Math Problem
The thing from space lived 2  zyglotes away from Earth. A zyglote plus 2 zyglotes=6    How much is a zyglote? How did you figure it out?
Language Arts
Expressions are often not defined for children. Discuss these expressions that are used in the story. Have the children discuss it in groups of 2, then share what the expression means.

The thing from space was beginning to lose heart.
It must be that new kid from down the block.
The kids stopped at the schoolyard to stuff themselves silly.
"Good heavens!"beeped the thing.
Happy Reading!
Till next time,

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