Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 3!

This is a wonderful rhyming skip down the street on Halloween night! The artwork, and choice of colors used in particular, are awesome (here in New Hampshire we would say "WICKED AWESOME").

The secret artist in every child will want to come out and play if you use the technique I observed in a First Grade this week. Each child was given a small-to-medium size piece of quality watercolor paper (important detail!). With the book Pumpkin Eye, go through it a second time and have the children observe all of the different Halloween images they encounter. They will be allowed to draw whatever they wish (lightly) with a pencil on their paper. Next they need to outline the objects in their picture with a sharp crayon. They need to make a dark line to hold the paint in. Using very little water and regular paintboxes, allow them to add paint wherever they wish. Then let them dry.  

On the next writing day, have them use their paintings as a reference for writing a Halloween poem of their own. Attach the poem to the artwork and you will have a beautiful classroom display!

Some rhyming words from Denise Fleming's book include:
   moon/soon      pie/eye     treat/feet/street
 candlestick/wicks     hill/spill     scales/tails
    horns/unicorns     bats/cats    rags/hags
   tails/nails      bones/moans     growl/howl
               curl/swirl        bump/thump

Be sure to add your little artist's name and the date on the back of his or her work! Mom will want to save this for sure!

Happy Reading and Painting!   Till next time,

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