Tuesday, October 7, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 7!

It's time for a little holiday math break! The students will never even notice because they will be enjoying this story about some very strange (but not very scary) monsters. Slowly at first, they start showing up at the door. One  little monster opens the door for groups of five, and then ten. I think I can see some tally marks happening while the reading is going on! Eventually 50 monsters are creating a huge mess in the house! Mother has had it.
She grabs her flyswatter and starts shooing them away, giving you a chance to do some subtracting practice. There are all kinds of math questions you can ask just by looking at the pictures. 
      Extending the Story/Rereading
      This is a short story that begs to be reread.
      Read it to list words the class hears that rhyme:

      you/two      fudge/budge     heads/beds      other/Mother
      dishes/wishes      faces/races     count/amount    singing/ringing
      many/any     leaping/creeping    done/one     glad/had

      "The house is a wreck and the couch has been frosted.
      The food's been devoured and Mother's exhausted." 

Of course, your little people may be needing a brain break sometime today, so how about doing the Monster Mash here: Mallon Family Monster Mash

Happy Reading! Till next time, Nancy


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