Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Halloween! Cat Nights!

                               Cat Nights by Jane Manning

This book was a new read for me this year, and let me tell you,
I LOVE IT!!! It's totally different from all of the other Halloween books that are out there. For one thing, this story is based on a legend that I had never heard of, and I like to think I'm pretty bright! The legend is that a witch can turn herself into a cat eight times, but if she does it a ninth time, the change is permanent. That is where the expression "A cat has 9 lives" comes from! Did you even know that?

So, back to our plot.

The pictures are scrumptious as we watch little witch Felicity as she celebrates her 263rd birthday. This is a major milestone for a
witch, as you will soon find out. Not only does she grow her first wart, learn how to cast her first love spell, and sees her shoes beginning to curl up at the toes, she FINALLY is old enough to turn herself into a CAT.

          "Give me whiskers and moonlight sight,
           as I become a cat tonight.
           My witchy self will now be gone,
           but I'll return by break of dawn!"

Felicity turns into a cat eight nights in a row. Her cousin witches,
Wanda, Willa, and Woo cast a spell over her so that she will no longer want to be a cat, but Felicity grows sad and listless. They realize that they have made a mistake, so the cousins undo the spell and allow Felicity to choose to follow her own dream. Her bliss is 
becoming a cat! On the 9th night, she turns into one forever.

It is a great time to do a little cat craftivity. Here's mine, hanging from my kitchen light:

I think Felicity makes a very charming cat!

Writing Choice
Students could write an opinion paragraph on whether they think it is better to be a cat or a witch. (Of course, this is only is they have had previous experience watching this type of writing modeled in Writer's Workshop.) They must back up their opinion with three reasons why one choice is better than the other.

Math GraphingWhen all of the writing has come in, tally up which choice received the most "votes" by the writers. How many more votes did the winning choice get than the runner-up choice? Can someone tell
how they figured out that answer? 

It's time to say goodnight to all things Halloween!

Happy Reading!
Until next time, 

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