Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 10!

The awesomeness of an I Spy book! Part book, part game, and no batteries required! Can by played by yourself or with a partner. This particular book, I Spy a Skeleton, is deliciously creepy. The photographs are by the master of photography himself, Walter Wick, and the words are by Jean Marzollo. Jean Marzollo is another children's author (she has written over 100 books) that you would do well to scarf up any time you see one on any subject. (See post  "How to Rock Your Classroom Library" on 9/8/14.) 

This book is written using rhythm and rhyme, and is a good choice for a reluctant reader as well because of the "game" component. It is considered an easy reader. Here is a sample:

I spy
five dark bones,
a bat,
two musical notes,
and a bell on a cat.

There are plenty of juicier words throughout for a growing reader to sharpen his teeth on, such as fangs,anchor, horseshoe, cheetah, and smoky, to name a few.

Especially wonderful are the eight extra practice pages at the back, where the reader is challenged to find words that match. Let's hear it for visual discrimination! Yeah!

Do not forget to read this book in a scary, spooky voice! It will be monstrously fun!
Happy Reading and Playing!

Till Next Time, Nancy

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