Sunday, October 12, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 12 Get Your Jazz on Sunday!

Today I decided to try my hand at making Jazzy Pumpkins. There were some rules involved. I had to try to use "stuff" I had accumulated in my craft box only. While I was picking through the odds and ends within, I noticed some leftover felt leaves, ocean life, and glittery numbers. They kind of reminded me of the Walter Wick objects you would see in an I Spy book, so I grabbed them. I also had a big stack of scrapbook paper in all kinds of designs that I had purchased at a yard sale recently. Oh, and a stray pipecleaner or two.

Children are much better at this type of thing than adults. If I were doing this with a class I would cut out a bunch of pumpkin shapes from all kinds of designed paper, and just let each child choose the one that they wanted. I would put out (in containers) buttons, small felt shapes or objects, sequins, holiday stickers, whatever I had on hand, and let them go at it! They could even make up a name for their Jazzy Pumpkin and label it for display. Or they could write a story about their unusual pumpkin.

My Jazzy Pumpkins inspired me to rewrite an old favorite counting down rhyme, so here it is!

                         5 Jazzy Pumpkins 

5 jazzy pumpkins, growing on a vine,
One snapped free and said, "Which house is mine?"
4 jazzy pumpkins, resting on the ground,
One popped off and she rolled right into town.
3 jazzy pumpkins, all different from the other,
One jumped loose and went looking for his brother.
2 jazzy pumpkins, in their Sunday best,
One crept away and went to find the rest.
1 jazzy pumpkin, in stripes of red and white,
said, "I'm feeling sleepy," and she turned out the light.

Jazz up some pumpkins at your house! I'd love to post pictures of them! Send them to me at:

Don't forget the name of the artist!

Tons of fun pumpkin craft ideas on my Pinterest page, "October Ideas" board. Click on the link to your right! 

Happy Reading and Crafting!
Till Next Time, Nancy 

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