Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 11!

This is a wonderful book that I actually spent the required $15.99 for the hardcover version year before last. The author, Carolyn Crimi, says she "loves monsters and all things Halloween." This book centers around an adorable character, Little Baby Mummy, who gets separated from his Mummy during a twilight game of hide and seek in the graveyard. (Where else?)

Little Baby Mummy isn't afraid as he runs around in the dark, calling for his Mummy. He isn't afraid when he runs into Bones (a skeleton who wears boxer shorts), Glob (a slimy, gunky creature from the swamp), and Drac (you know who that is.) All of these monsters are not too terribly frightening because they are all in their pajamas, getting ready for bed.

But THEN a creature appears who scares Little Baby Mummy to death...a mouse! He runs screaming for his Mummy! Mummy comes to his rescue quickly, and all is well as they get ready for bed and Little Baby Mummy is tucked in all safe and sound. 

There are several notable things about this book. One, the full-page illustrations strike just the right note. There are lots of cobwebs and dark shadows, and tombstones, but we are ready to believe that Little Baby Mummy is just another little kid playing a game before bed. Second, there are some repetitive phrases that are just a joy to read aloud:
          "So he tromped, tromped, tromped
          to the deep, dark woods,
          the spookery woods,
         to look for Big Mama Mummy."

He travels to the slithery swamp, the shivery cave, and finally plops down under the creaky, squeaky tree.

This is a great book to teach students about alliteration. Each "monster" makes a hideous
sound before showing itself:
Glug glug glip
Glug glug glop
Glug glug GLOO

Flap flip flap
Whap whap WHOO
                                    Flap flip FLOO

A nice literacy center activity is just to make a simple flip book showing the six characters who appear (in order). It gives the children practice in looking back in the story, to get the order correct. The should also label each character with their name, which is a great way to practiced remembering that all names begin with a capital letter!

Super Craft Ideas for Mummies abound on my Pinterest page October the link on the upper right!

Happy Reading!  Till Next Time, Nancy    

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