Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fabulous February!

Welcome to the end of snow! I predict it will all turn to slush....well.....eventually.

There. Nobody can fault that logic.

At the bottom of this post is a birthday meme created for a graphic artist of superior ability who shares my idea of what is funny. Here you go, Michelle aka The Three AM Teacher!

This bird looks like the way I do first thing in the morning.

WELL, this is a vacation week and I am hard at work vacationing at home. Today my husband shoveled a path out to the propane tank to see how much was left in it. 30%! That means we are not in danger of running out tomorrow. Good news.

Currently in my small reading group, we are reading fairy tales. LOVE THIS. Last week I gave the kiddos a coloring sheet of a fox to go along with our reading of this book...before the kids were released this sweet kindergarten boy informed me that the picture I had given them was actually, a wolf. Huh. You are right.
Well, a wolf and a fox are both generally shabby characters, so we all decided that nobody cared.

Love kindergarten.

Well, here's the meme!

See you next time! Happy reading!


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  1. Bwahaha!! That is awesome!! Love the meme!! Thanks for making us laugh!