Sunday, March 8, 2015

Streamlining Your Teaching Life

Up to about 1 minute ago, I was juggling 3 jobs. Two are wonderful school-based

 jobs where I have to use everything I know to help four diverse groups of

 children, and one was a retail job that I acquired when I didn't have either of the

 other two jobs yet. Retail is an interesting thing, if you have ever been a teacher

 of small children. Adults (big people) 

who should know better, do really, really,

 unexpected and unwelcome things.


Like try to smuggle 10 extra items out of the store.

Like complain about how few people work in the store.

Like leave the bathroom a mess. In First Grade, we pretty much learn not to do this.

Anyway. I was under a lot of stress because this extra (now) job was costing me

 one of my Very Essential Days Off every single week. 

I decided that I deserved and needed a real weekend like everyone else. 


What can you get rid of that is cluttering up your teaching life?

I am also getting rid of some of my books because I actually have too many. All of my extras will thrill somebody at the newspaper book sale this month! 

Today's book tip (drum roll, please!):

Best Read-Aloud for St. Paddy's Day (in my opinion):

Have a happy time reading!

Till next time,

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