Sunday, March 22, 2015

I'm Teaching As Fast As I Can

This week I noticed the stress ratcheting up at school.
Data Meetings. Lots and lots of Data Meetings. Small clusters of teachers urgently talking in low voices. How can we push these kids to hit the mark in only 63 days?

I believe in Data. It is so important that I even give it a capital letter. But, truth be told, the end of the year hysterics kind of depress me.

Teaching needs to go back to the joyful celebration of What We Have Accomplished! Often, under difficult circumstances. Teachers are totally, completely aware that The Buck Stops With Them. Hence, the stress.

The irony is that teachers do not receive the same recognition that we try to give to the students. Teacher Appreciation Day comes and some teachers will find a little baggie of Hershey's Kisses in their mailbox.

Under the glare of the judgement of people who know nothing about teaching, teachers stand alone in the hope that somebody, somewhere will see what they have done. And thank them.

This year, I am finally in a place where I actually do feel appreciated, a part of the team, and all of the rest of it. In my bloggy travels I have visited with many teachers who are not in such a place. For that I am sorry, and hope that they will not give up.

 It is the teachers with the most talent who give the most, and suffer the most. Thank a teacher today. Spring is coming! Spread some sunshine! 

See you next time...


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