Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's Chocolate Chicken Time!

As anyone who loves Max and Ruby knows, Easter is one of the best holidays of all to get silly with our favorite bunny siblings.
If you haven't met them yet, you and your children are in for a treat!

Over the years, my first graders have loved watching Ruby try to find more colored eggs than Max. She succeeds because Max is, well, Max. He wastes his hunting time looking in silly places, like squirting all of the toothpaste out of the tube to see if any Easter eggs are hiding in there. 

Some of them get a little nervous when it becomes clear that Max isn't going to get any eggs. Maybe they gave had to compete with older brothers and sisters before and "get it" that Max may just lose out for real. (Which we all know is just, totally, not fair!)

However, Max decides to help himself to the prize chocolate chicken and hide. All is not lost for Ruby, however. Good old Max decides to show himself (chocolate face and all) before all of the chocolate is gone.

As I note the date of publication of this post, I realize that all of the chocolate chickens at your house are probably long gone! Here at the Pierce house, we are in the boxing and packing mode as we prepare to move to the town next to ours (Laconia, NH). Easter just kind of slid by as there are no longer Easter egg hunts and the like for us...thank goodness there will always be Max and Ruby!

Here's hoping your holiday and the arrival of Spring (and maybe the ear of a chocolate bunny or two) put a blissful smile upon your face!

Till next time!    Nancy

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