Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cooperation Sunday

The school year is winding down.
It can be difficult to keep the excited students from forgetting their manners.

Their little excited brains are already out here:
Destination: Anywhere Else!

Rather than watch your whole year's worth of character training go out the window when you need it most, may I suggest Cooperation Sunday?

Cooperation Sunday in action on Monday!

All you need to do for Cooperation Sunday is add into your already crammed plans for the week a character building lesson . It will not take more than 20 minutes, the kids will get something to remind them of things they have already learned, and you get a shot at a better week! Who's in?

Today's Pick for Cooperation Sunday is:

I love this book!!! Many teachers use this book to teach character-building every week, beginning in September. It is worth the revisit, especially to review those all-important attitudes of optimistic/pessimistic, proud/modest, generous and compassionate. 

Get a sentence strip and write "We Are Smart Cookies!" on  it, and have each student select one of the 22 traits to write on their cookie before they decorate it and you hang it up. You can refer to it on an as-needed basis (probably hourly at this time of the year).

Don't forget, these are some rigorous vocabulary words! Yeah!

 Go here for the free cookie template if you don't feel like making your own:

Have a sweet week! Our school year ends on June 18th, so there's still plenty of learning left!

See you next time!


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