Sunday, May 24, 2015

Vacation Plans Gone Bad

VACATION!!!!!!!!! at last!!!!!
But WAIT! 

Is it possible that a kid could be at a nifty hotel-with-a-pool and NOT like it?

Before school is out, read this one to your kiddos and see what they think of Bridget. I think they will LOVE her.
She is a lonely little girl who discovers five ridiculous sheep on an island behind the hotel, desperately in need of a rescue. 

The sheep love "lemon soda, cookies, and old Band-Aids."

Do a quickie graph: those who would like a vacation like Bridget's, and those who would not!

Then send them off to their writing spots to do a problem/solution worksheet that you can download FREE right here at my TPT store:

One foot after the other! It won't be long now!

See you next time!

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