Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sally Goes to the Beach!

It's time to hit the beach! Well, maybe where you are, but in New Hampshire we are still waiting for it to stop raining!

This is a great story for you parents to read to your beachcomber children. More importantly, it is a wonderful example of point-of-view for all of you teachers who can't stop during the summer. You know what I am talking about. You work even during the summer, because you are crazy just love school so much!
This is a page from the book. Of course, to Sally, the island is shaped like a dog. What else would it look like?

Sally's suitcase contains 5 balls and a bone. All set. 

Sally only sees other Labradors as she travels in a car, aboard a ferry, and in a cab to get to her vacation destination. When she sniffs the ocean, she says, "The air smells great, just like cat food!" 

The woodcut prints are wonderful. Happy Labradors on vacation abound. This would also be a great book to use at the end of the year when you are reading beach themed stories.

Activities: Keep a diary as if you are Sally, and write about your trip.

Make a 5 senses chart and list all of Sally's activities under the correct one.

Make a list of Things Sally Learned!

Write an opinion piece. Would you like to be on this trip with Sally? Why or why not?

   Happy July!


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